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“Thank you to Paul for providing great legal support, during one of the most stressful and troubling times in my life. You were very professional, patient, and efficient in managing to produce the most favorable outcome in my personal injury case. Thank you.” – A Personal Injury Client

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At the Grossman Law Office, our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys specialize in representing accident victims in Fresno and throughout California. As an esteemed member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the most prestigious group of trial lawyers in America, our highly trained team has a proven record of obtaining results for injured clients that includes multi-million dollar awards.

For over 40 years, the Grossman Law Offices have been proudly devoted to representing injured persons. We provide skilled legal representation from experienced Accident Injury Attorneys to ensure clients receive the maximum compensation allowable by law. Our trusted team of Personal Injury Lawyers has successfully litigated and settled thousands of cases for clients injured as a result of another person’s recklessness or negligence.

When you or someone you love has suffered an injury, you need the knowledge and skills of Fresno Personal Injury Lawyers at the Grossman Law Office. Call 462-5555 (800) to schedule a free consultation, in our office, with our premier Southern California Accident Law Firm. The skills of a good Personal Injury Lawyer can make all the difference when you are seeking legal justice!

Our knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorneys will first thoroughly review the details of your specific situation in order to provide a straightforward assessment on how to proceed in your case. Because we handle most of the Personal Injury cases on a contingency basis, you will not be asked to pay attorney fees until you are awarded a judgment or we reach a settlement as compensation for your injuries.

Our goal is to obtain justice for you! Our team of compassionate Fresno Personal Injury Attorneys in the Grossman Law Office understand the trauma of being involved in an accident. The financial and emotional effects of the accident can severely and immediately impact the life of the person involved and their loved ones. Our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers are dedicated to effectively and efficiently resolving your case, which will allow you to get on with your life. You can let our skilled Personal Injury Attorney negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

When your life has been turned upside down due to an accident or injury, you can depend on the Grossman Law Offices to steer your case through the proper legal channels. Our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys will stay in communication with you and keep you updated on developments involving your case. We take pride in answering client inquiries in an appropriate and timely manner.

Fresno Accident Lawyer – Grossman Law Office

With over four decades in the field of Personal Injury Law, Fresno Accident Attorneys at the Grossman Law Office have experience with an extensive range of accident/personal injury legal matters, including the areas that follow:

Car Accidents: Car Crashes, Truck Collisions, Motorcycle Mishaps, Hit and Runs, and Pedestrian Accidents should be handled by knowledgeable Personal Injury Lawyers.

Catastrophic Injuries: These complex cases involving Traumatic Brain Injury, Amputation, Spinal Cord Injury, Back Injury, Blindness, Coma, Head Injuries, Burn Injuries, or Paralysis need the special care of a skilled Personal Injury Attorney.

Defective Products: A skilled Personal Injury Lawyer will lead your Defective Product case which often involves Design issues, Manufacturing problems, or a Failure to Warn and other defects in the vast array of products, such as Children’s Toys, Automobile Parts, Pharmaceutical Products, Dangerous Chemicals, Medical Devices, Automotive Defects, Defective Seatbelts, Malfunctioning Appliances.

Premises Liability: Our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers diligently fight for the rights of individuals who’ve been hurt in Premises Liability Accidents, including Unsafe Premises, Animal Attacks, Unprotected Swimming Pools, Cracked Sidewalks, Unkempt Trees, Deep Holes, Slippery Floors, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall Accidents, Falling Debris, Lack of Security, or Improperly Serviced Elevator.

Transportation Accidents: The Grossman Law Office Personal Injury Attorneys have experience handling cases involving many types of vehicles. These include Carpool/Vanpool, Charter Bus, Commercial Vehicles, Trains, Public Bus, and also Pedestrian Accidents.

• Wrongful Death: Our Personal Injury Lawyers in the Grossman Law Office provide a compassionate and aggressive counsel and legal representation for the families who’ve lost loved ones due to an accident. Contact us right away by calling 462-5555 (800) to set up a free consultation. Our Accident Attorneys will vigorously fight in order for you to obtain the highest possible compensation!

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Fresno Today for Your Free Consultation

The Grossman Law Office Personal Injury Attorneys are here to fight for your rights! In both simple and complex cases, whether you’ve endured a broken leg or have suffered a life-changing injury because of an accident, you can depend on our proven record of success. Your case needs the skill and experience of a Personal Injury Attorney. Please complete the Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form. Our skilled legal team of Personal Injury Lawyers will review this information and get in touch with you for extra details and also to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Contact a Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer today by calling (800) 462-5555. Our skilled legal team of Personal Injury Attorneys has been fighting for justice for injured persons since 1972.  We are dedicated to keeping your primary interests on top! By having the knowledge and experience of our team of Personal Injury Lawyers working on your case, you will be able to more quickly and easily get back to your life!

I need a personal injury attorney Fresno

I need a personal injury lawyer Fresno

I need a car accident attorney Fresno

I need a car accident lawyer Fresno  

how do I find a personal injury attorney Fresno  

how do I find a personal injury lawyer Fresno

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how do I find a car accident attorney Fresno

how do I find a car accident lawyer Fresno

who is a qualified personal injury attorney Fresno  

who is a qualified personal injury lawyer Fresno

who is a qualified car accident attorney Fresno

who is a qualified car accident lawyer Fresno